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31 May 2018
Oslo, Norway

With the release of the new gamemode, HeartBit is looking for additional staff to help us maintain and run the newly announced Metropolitan City SRP. Traditionally HeartBit handpicks the staff members based on commitment within our community, but this time we're willing to try a more standard recruitment process to open our doors to people who are new to HeartBit.

What we are looking for
  • Someone who has experience with serious roleplay;
  • Preferably (but not necessarily) someone who has experience with administrating a serious roleplay server.
What we expect from you
  • Be able to dedicate at least 6 hours/weekly to actively participate on the server;
  • Work proactively and ask if you can help rather than waiting to be assigned a task;
  • As Junior Staff your area of responsibility is mainly in-game on the server. Forum or Discord moderation is not expected to start with;
  • Administer appropriate punishments for players not playing by rules;
  • Help out players who need help or report rule breaking.

What you should expect from us
  • Structured and predictable workload. We want our staff to play other games as well so you don't get all caught up either. The first few weeks after release will however require extraordinary attention and activity on the server;
  • An inclusive staff team with a good dash of humour;
  • A staff team that talks openly about the problems and issues, before it becomes a real issue.

To apply for the staff position, write your letter of motivation in a FORUM PM to @blt950 @Mtsmall and @Luna
Please inform us of which timezone you live in. If relevant, we appreciate if you attach references to where you have been staff before. Expect a brief interview on Discord if we find your application of interest.

Submission deadline: Saturday 28th March at 20:00 CET.
We've closed down our first round of applications, however if you're interested you might drop a PM and we'll consider it when we've availability.
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