Introducing… Metropolitan Roleplay


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31 May 2018
Oslo, Norway
Today we are announcing a fresh, new concept to the community of Heartbit in the form of Metropolitan City Serious Roleplay.

Estimated release date: Friday 3rd April 2020.

In this concept, we aim to provide the player a unique experience in terms of functionality, and individualism but also allow the expansion to include others, such as businesses and criminal gangs. Built around this concept, this will enable players to engage with one another or by themselves if they wish to do so, so no one feels left out of the fun. This proved to be a flaw in past roleplays, due to their concept setting. With Metropolitan Roleplay as a concept, this is far more flexible in terms of server engagement.


Beginning as an alpha test, we plan on rolling out updates in an efficient manner in increments, rather than bulk. This means that some features are subject to change on a whim. As this envisioned project is in-depth and detailed compared to our previous servers, it’s to be noted that development on the server will be progressing as time goes on. The initial release will have all the functionality we seem crucial to get a good head start.


When you arrive in Union City, you may want to find an accommodation at the local motel, hotel or even rent or purchase your own apartment, depending on your financial status. If you’re unable to purchase permanent housing, you could always get a jump start with a loan from the bank - however be careful! If you fail on repaying the loan your credit score will be affected which will eventually close new opportunities of purchases, for instance vehicles.


With its forever adapting concept, Metropolitan Roleplay will introduce various in-character employment roles, both full-time and part-time depending on what your character wishes to pursue. For instance, if you like interacting with randoms and providing them with a helpful service, perhaps becoming a taxi-cab driver might be interesting. Wish to partake in politics? Apply for a position at City Hall. Perhaps you wish to curtail crime, or provide healthcare? Join the Police or Medical Services! All this will be possible. Further jobs will include more uniqueness, such as becoming a registered lawyer, business entrepreneur or logistics work.


Would you stop repaying your loan, refuse to pay fines or come into legal trouble, the law system will take care of you for good and for bad. A police department prosecutor will be the first instance of your case and verdict, this is where most verdicts will be final. However in special cases, or lawsuits against specific people there will be a possibility to run a lawsuit through the State Court system with a judge and jury.


Believe you can make a difference? Be the voice of the people? Take a chance with the City Hall Elections. We are implementing a system that allows you as a player to try to promote your ideas, and values with election campaigns to become an elected official for City Hall. This will function as such to allow a fair chance to those who wish to partake. Your elected status is currently aimed at two weeks of being the elected Mayor. This is subject to change. Once election time comes around again, you will enter into another election campaign in order to retain your seat, or lose to your opponents. It all rests on the people you serve to re-elect you based on how you did... or pick a new leader!

We look forward to seeing how you develop your character on the new server! We’ll shortly open applications for a wide range of factions and in-character opportunities. Keep yourself updated on our Discord and forums!
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