Hi, I'm blt


Heartbit Lover
31 May 2018
Oslo, Norway
Hi there, I’m blt950. Or often just referred to as “blt”. I’m soon halfway to fifty and from Norway, the country on the north of Europe where we’ve oil in our taps instead of water - therefore it’s not weirds the polar bears are extinct soon. I’ve finished my masters degree in Computer Science and UX Design in May 2019, at the University of Oslo. Now I work a full time job.

My nickname has been pretty much the same since the day I discovered the internet. It’s originally not thought as BLT as in the Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich, but I’ve kind of embraced that assumption. As it’s better than my random letters I made up. The digits are still just random.

I’m the founder and creator of HeartBit community which started back in somewhere in 2011 with our very first serious roleplay Half-Life 2: Roleplay server. Many of our staff members have been with me since that time. That’s almost 9 years ago! Time flies and my developing skills have drastically improved since that time - I hope! I’ve always had an eye for quality roleplay and the importance of a good staff team and playing environment - I believe that quality is infectious because the staff team are an example for new and existing players who learn by doing.

My very first roleplay experience was actually from GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer on a server named “Wild West Roleplay”. I quickly fell in love in this type of gaming and started ranking up as police officer on this server. A few years later I discovered Garry’s Mod when a classmate suggested it to me, and since that time PLUS when steam started counting game hours, I’ve accumulated illegal total amount on Gmod. Starting from Sandbox and DarkRP and working my way up to HL2RP. I’m not any fan of DarkRP anymore as I enjoy more immersive roleplay and character development, hence why I’m mainly focusing on Serious Roleplay at HeartBit.

That’s a bit about me, and I’d like to also use this opportunity to welcome you to HeartBit, either you’re a veteran or a brand new player! I hope you’ll feel just as welcome as we aim to, and if you’ve some feedback about our staff, please do let me know - both positive and negative!