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26 December 2018
California, United States of America
We wish to give a head start to one or two gang characters on the server. The details of this head start will be discussed, but not involving weapons as this is something that needs to be roleplayed towards.

Please use this form if you wish to pre-establish a gang before server launch.
Send any completed applications to @blt950 @Luna and @Mtsmall

Deadline: Sunday 29th March at 12:00 CEST.

You only need to put in the information for the Gang's proposed leader here.
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Discord Name and Tag #:

What is your gang called?

What are the beliefs of your gang? (Anarchists, vigilantes, etc)

Do you already know someone who will join your gang?

Who is your gang hostile towards?

Why do you wish to start a gang, and why should we allow you to pre-launch?

If you wish to request custom playermodels, link them here (only applicable to Honorable Members or active Donators)

Place any other notes or requests below this line.
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