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31 May 2018
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Donation Information

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This page will give you information about our donation schemes available to players. All donations go in this listed order towards upkeep of the server, services and supporting the development and the developers. Before donating, please make sure you've read the donation agreement.

Do you want to gift your donation to someone else? Having issues with donating? Send a PM to blt950.


Flags: PAC Flag, Physgun (P), Entity Spawn (E) with proplimit of 25 for one character of your choosing
Prop limit: 25

Server: Heart icon in chat and access to /dchat in-game between staff and donators
Forums: Supporter rank

Supporter Plus

Flags: PAC Flag, Physgun (P), Entity Spawn (E), Toolgun (T), Chair (C), Ragdolls (R) for unlimited characters
Prop limit: 75

Server: Heart+ icon in chat and access to /dchat in-game between staff and donators
Discord: Supporter Plus rank and access to Donator-channel between you and all staff
  • Supporter Plus rank
  • Access to Donator forum where goodies are posted before anywhere else
  • Extended signatures (color, font, size options. More lines and more printable characters)

Donation Agreement

  1. By donating to HeartBit you accept these terms and conditions.
  2. All payments to HeartBit are considered as donations and are not refundable. Refunds are only given on our discretion.
  3. Privileges, content and other items are gifted to you as a "thank you" for supporting HeartBit and it's upkeep. You can not claim any content to be yours or that you have the right to use this content because you "bought" it.
  4. We do not apply any transaction fees, but the payment processor might do so. Please make yourself familiar with the processor's fee before donating. In the unlikely event of a refund, we can not refund you the fees the processor has imposed on you.
  5. The donation length starts from the moment you've completed the transaction. We reserve the right to use up to 48 hours to manually apply the perks in case of a automation failure or in the case that the perks are required to be set manually. These hours will not be refunded.
  6. You accept that once the donation expires, your perks gets locked and might no longer be accessible.
  7. You agree that in the event of community shutdown, refunds are only given on our discretion and with a pro-rata scheme.
  8. You agree that the management of HeartBit is able to terminate or limit your donation perks and/or account when you violate server, donation and/or forum rules. Limitations or terminations will not be compensated in any way.
  9. You agree that if you're under the age of consent, that you've received the appropriate parental approval for your donation.
  10. You are aware that a donation rank does not grant you the ability to disregard the server and/or forum rules.
  11. You agree that all actions performed on your SteamID falls under your responsibility.
  12. You are aware that a donation rank does not prevent any (permanent) punishments such as server bans and blacklists. The time you lose on your rank will not be compensated in any way.
  13. In case of payment withdrawal or cancellation after receiving donation perks, HeartBit will terminate your access to all services of HeartBit for a permanent duration.
Your rank
  1. You agree that it's your responsibility to join the game server in order to receive the perks on your character.
  2. If a donation rank has a character limit of the perks, you won't be able to re-apply these perks to a new character if your original character(s) have been permanently-killed (PKed). It's on HeartBit's discretion to make an exemption from this.
  3. You agree that if the system has glitches/bugs or any other item causing your character not being applied with the required privilege, it is to be reported to the management of HeartBit. If you do not report this, the time lost on your donation will not be compensated.
Privileges, access and factions
  1. You accept and you agree that you will never abuse or misuse any of the given tools, privileges, factions and perks.
  2. You agree that you will not build or place props that are not related to Metropolitan RP.
  3. You agree that you can not use your P, E, T or any other given flags to gain/achieve personal benefits. Only use the flags you achieved for roleplay purposes. These roleplay purposes must be related to Metropolitan RP.
  4. You can not disturb others with your given privileges.
  5. You accept and you agree that when you achieved/gained a (special) faction, it does not mean it is permanent. If a faction head and/or staff thinks you do not fit a certain faction, for any reason, you can get your faction access terminated and current characters that are in this faction banned. In the case this happens, this part of the donation gifts will not be refunded. However, you do have the right for an explanation.
  1. You are aware that you need to contact a staff member in order for you to receive your privileges on our Discord server as a Supporter Plus.
  2. You agree and accept that when you fail to contact a staff member in order to activate your privileges on our Discord server, you will not be compensated in any way.
  1. It is your own responsibility to contact a staff member to look up if you are blacklisted for receiving premium perks before donating. If you donated while you are on a blacklist, no refund will be given out and no perks will be applied. If by mistake premium perks are applied to your account, they will be revoked without notice.
  2. You need to use common sense. Just because a certain rule is not on this list, it doesn't mean you can not be punished for your actions if required
  3. All donators will receive an notification if this agreement is changed.
HeartBit management always has a last say when enforcing this agreement.

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