Official Brief details of factions and jobs


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10 July 2018
This is a ever expanding list. More to be added as they become available. If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to the staff!


What you will start out as on this side of the city. An average, every day civilian who has avenues open to join or create an experience for themselves. As a civilian, you may choose to pursue employment in various different settings, be it legal or illegal, creating your own business or working for a created business. There are lots of avenues for you to explore as a civilian. A great start as a civilian would be to ensure you have funding available to you by visiting the local bank. This will lead you the chance to secure housing in the form of apartments, or if you have the funding, even a residence in the suburbs. Finding suitable employment then will entail you to be able to afford such luxuries, so be on the look out for job postings!


Wish to curtail crime? Perhaps rise through the ranks and become a detective can! To investigate gangs? Well in this faction, you most certainly can!

The Police Department will be one of the most prominent legal factions available on the server when you join. To begin with, it’ll have the basics that would make up a police department, with more to come as development continues on enriching the functions of the faction. As a police officer, you’ll be expected to uphold the law set upon by the Mayor, or the federal laws that overarch the city laws. Your main job would be to police these laws to the best of your ability, be this issuing citations to people, investigating crimes that have occured or general patrolling of the city in itself. There are many possibilities in this faction, especially if you are interested in law-enforcement roleplay.

Ranks would include the basic, like Police Officer all the way on up to a Captain which is what the current head of the department in this precinct would be.


The mayor is a role that can be achieved if one was to run for the public city office. Traditionally, mayors oversee a city's main departments, including the police, fire and housing departments. At the same time, their responsibilities vary depending on the local structure. In this instance, the mayor will get to enact local laws pertaining to the city they reside. Such laws could be housing rent prices, if they are public housing, local taxes which could vary depending on what the mayor decides on and some enforcement laws for the police. However, these laws are superseded by federal laws, which cannot be changed by the mayor. (These laws are set upon by server administration, such as common law. Example being, the mayor cannot enact a law that legalizes murder or a law to hand out weapons to everyone.)

The mayor position is rotating each 3rd week with an democratic election taking place. The mayor can sit multiple terms if re-elected.

The mayor can also grant or revoke business creation permissions.

City Clerk

A member of the city government. This role basically functions as administrative work for the city hall's offices. They would process business creation ideas, and pass them along if they are approved to the mayor for signing off on. This is a great entry role for those who wish to help the city in their own regard. This role is neutral to the politics, permanent and serves all mayors over time.
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