In-game applications now open!
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We're pleased to announce that our in-game applications have now been opened! You may apply for one or more applications within the deadline. You can choose between: Police, Mayor, City Clerk, or express interest of starting a gang.

You may read a bit more in detail about the factions here. Feel free to ask questions on the Discord or Forum.

Deadline: Sunday 29th March at 12:00 CEST.

Happy writing!
Recruiting for staff team!
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With the release of the new gamemode, HeartBit is looking for additional staff to help us maintain and run the newly announced Metropolitan City SRP. Traditionally HeartBit handpicks the staff members based on commitment within our community, but this time we're willing to try a more standard recruitment process to open our doors to people who are new to HeartBit.

What we are looking for
  • Someone who has experience with serious roleplay;
  • Preferably (but not necessarily) someone who has experience with administrating a serious roleplay server.
What we expect from you
  • Be able to dedicate at least 6 hours/weekly to actively participate on the server;
  • Work proactively and ask if you can help rather than waiting to be assigned a task;
  • As Junior Staff your area of responsibility is mainly in-game on the server. Forum or Discord moderation is not expected to start with;
  • Administer appropriate punishments for players not playing by...
Introducing… Metropolitan Roleplay
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Today we are announcing a fresh, new concept to the community of Heartbit in the form of Metropolitan City Serious Roleplay.

Estimated release date: Friday 3rd April 2020.

In this concept, we aim to provide the player a unique experience in terms of functionality, and individualism but also allow the expansion to include others, such as businesses and criminal gangs. Built around this concept, this will enable players to engage with one another or by themselves if they wish to do so, so no one feels left out of the fun. This proved to be a flaw in past roleplays, due to their concept setting. With Metropolitan Roleplay as a concept, this is far more flexible in terms of server engagement.

Beginning as an alpha test, we plan on rolling out updates in an efficient manner in increments, rather than bulk. This means that some features are subject to change on a whim. As this envisioned project is in-depth and detailed compared to our previous servers, it’s to be noted that...
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